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Our Difference

1. International Faculty

INCAE is the business school with the highest ratio of doctoral-level, full-time professors in Latin America.

Our multinational faculty –graduated from the best universities around the world– teaches exclusively at INCAE and has vast experience in applied research and consultancy for major companies in the entire region. Some faculty members also serve as Board members of different companies. This gives them the opportunity to offer students a diverse and complete vision of the business world.

2. Case Method

(Relationship with Harvard Business School)

INCAE actively uses the case method as a participative methodology that leads to the development of an exceptional analytical ability which cannot be acquired through conferences and presentations.

A case is a document developed in cooperation with company executives. It shows all the necessary dimensions of the business for students to analyze a particular situation thoroughly and suggest alternative courses of action to solve the problem.

Instruction is designed in such a way that every student analyzes a case at three levels:

  • Individually
  • With support from a study group (multinational and multidisciplinary)
  • During a plenary session under the guidance of a professor

The case method, when applied by professional and trained faculty, allows for the effective transmission of management tools and concepts. In addition, it develops students’ analytical abilities, creativity, self-confidence, and communication skills.

3. The INCAE Experience

“We are not a traditional academic institution because our fundamental mission goes beyond teaching; teaching is only one of the means through which we encourage the development of the region, but parallel to this we encourage the dialogue between institutions, sectors, individuals and countries, and promote the application of our research findings.

INCAE’s teaching methodology focuses on the participant, encouraging a comprehensive learning experience through methods, case discussion, group work, management simulations and self-training activities.

We encourage and promote self-knowledge, which allows the participant to evaluate his or her own skills in relation to the cases being studied. In so doing, the student is able to grow as a person and to decide whether he or she wants to continue facing problems using the same approach, or if there is room for improvement by changing certain attitudes. In order to do this, we need the participant to be fully immersed in our programs, thus benefitting from the multinational experience of both professors and classmates.”

“INCAE is a world-class business school, but above all, it is a place to meet and educate business leaders committed to sustainable development and competitiveness.”

Luis Sanz, Professor at INCAE Business School

4. Multinationality

The possibility to interact with students from different latitudes offers the opportunity to share not only learning, but a complete cultural exchange process.

Nationalities: • Nicaragua • Costa Rica • Panama • Guatemala• Ecuador • Honduras • El Salvador • Peru• Colombia • Bolivia • Venezuela • USA • Dominican Republic • Paraguay• Mexico • France • Spain • Trinidad & Tobago

5.INCAE Alumni Network

INCAE has created a network of more than 12,000 alumni of the different Master and Top Management Programs, who lead organizations in Latin America and other continents.

By the time they graduate, INCAE students will have a unique network of international contacts they can use in their professional life.

International AGIs

INCAE cultivates relations with and amongst its graduates. It has created a network of Graduates Associations (AGIs), currently present in more than 10 countries.

Their mission is to maintain relations and represent alumni’s interests to INCAE, generate networking opportunities and encourage them to update their knowledge and, in general, promote continued interaction.

These associations also support INCAE’s mission of educating leaders in Latin America.



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