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Country Challenge drives more than 800 INCAE Alumni to participate

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thumb countryWith record participation of 808 alumni, INCAE closed its 2016 Country Challenge last December 31. The Challenge aimed to encourage INCAE alumni from different nations to take part on INCAE's mission, allowing for the highest rate ever of participation from INCAE alumni in giving, data updates, and attendance at events.

"We are happy to announce this achievement. Active participation of alumni is key to INCAE's progress but that is not is in Latin Americans' DNA. That is why it is so significant for us to have achieved such a high level of participation as compared to that of previous years. We trust this points to a change in INCAE alumni's culture. Graduates' involvement, with their experience and leadership, is of the essence to keep generating more positive leaders for the region," said INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños. Participation is key, having a network of alumni reconnected with each other and active at INCAE.

The Challenge was sponsored by INCAE's Advancement & Alumni Affairs Department, with support and leadership of volunteer alumni appointed ambassadors to the countries where this new strategy started. These included Anthony Privetera to USA and Canada; Emmanuel Seidner and Roberto Cuevas to Guatemala; María Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila and Verónica Castro to El Salvador; Aline Flores to Honduras; Duilio Baltodano to Nicaragua; Evangelina Avendaño to Costa Rica; Nicolás González-Revilla to Panama; César Terán to Ecuador and Francisco Ponce to Peru. Each Ambassador had a group of volunteer graduate vice-chairs, business managers and entrepreneurs, working together to revive the INCAE Alumni network. Graduates from other countries also took part in the Challenge.

"It was a very positive experience to see INCAE graduates from different countries, programs and classes working together, summoning their colleagues, and conducting interesting activities to rekindle the devotion for their school and to retake INCAE's mission" said Wendy Rodríguez, Advancement and Alumni Affairs Director for LATAM.

In addition to country ambassadors, INCAE was supported by companies with large numbers of INCAE alumni. These included BAC|Credomatic, the regional company with the most INCAE graduates; Banco Industrial de Guatemala, Grupo Lafise in Nicaragua, Cuestamoras in Costa Rica, and Corporación MEDCOM in Panama. These are some of the companies where the Challenge was launched under the name of Corporate Challenge, bringing more than 120 INCAE graduates to participate.

The results will help develop the infrastructure needed to give students a first-rate education, support impact centers, and provide scholarships to bright young people in need of financial assistance. "We all were privileged to have INCAE's support at one time in our lives; now it's our turn to give back and see that things are well done for the future," said Anthony Privetera.

The Challenge is not over. It started in 2016 and will continue in 2017 to promote the Network with participation of the INCAE community in INCAE's mission.

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