Financial Times ranks INCAE as the school with the best MBA in Latin America

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 12:20



thumb 1INCAE is once again positioned as the leading business school in the region. The prestigious international journal Financial Times published today its 2017 Global MBA Ranking, which places INCAE as the business school with the best MBA Program in Latin America and the world's 89th among over 3,000 schools ranked.

INCAE stands out on percentage salary rise, ranking fifth worldwide with an average 142% increase. In addition, it ranks among the top 15 schools worldwide in three other categories, to wit, Investment Value, International Program Experience, and Career Progress.

INCAE ranked 5th worldwide on Investment Value, which aims to estimate the MBA Program's return on investment by measuring the average salary earned by graduates six months after graduation minus tuition cost and additional expenses. Also, it takes into account program length. Good prospects after graduation make investment in an INCAE master's degree highly valuable.

MBA International Experience is estimated by taking into account whether the class took part in exchanges, research projects, immersion weeks, and practices in countries others than those where teaching takes place. Extensive exchange programs offered by INCAE, double degrees, and the Management Consulting Project (MCP) make positive contributions to MBA International Experience. As a result, INCAE's MBA ranked 11th among the top 100 Programs.

Career Progress is assessed by comparing changes in job position and company size immediately prior to attending the MBA Program and three years later. In this regard INCAE ranks 7th among the top 10 with Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Instituto de la Empresa and London School of Business.

In addition, INCAE ranks 46th worldwide in International Mobility, and stands out as measured by percentage of international students (76%), and percentage of international members in its Board of Directors (63%), well above the average (55% and 33%) of schools in the Top 100.

"We are proud to be among the best in the Financial Times global ranking of MBA Programs. We always focus on excellence. We hope our continuous effort will help us climb the rankings and give our students the best tools to grow in their careers and become the leaders we want them to be," said INCAE's MBA Program Director Luis Umaña Timms.

About the ranking

The Financial Times' Global MBA Ranking is based on two key sources: data provided by INCAE (audited every three years) and graduates' surveys contributing 59%. The 2017 ranking reflects responses from INCAE's 2013 Class.

The current average salary of the class (20% of total ranking) and the average salary increase achieved by all respondents (another 20% of ranking) are stressed. Twenty per cent of the ranking results from INCAE's evaluation in the international arena; the other main consideration is research conducted by INCAE (10% of total). The remaining 30% of the ranking comes from criteria with less individual weight.

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