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INCAE inaugurates Dr. Ernesto Cruz Rectoral Gallery in Montefresco

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EBF-38"Don Ernesto was able to build an organization from scratch, with all the difficulties that occurred throughout his tenure, and to create a stronger, well-known INCAE", said INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños while describing the legacy of Dr. Ernesto Cruz, second Rector of INCAE. Last October 2nd, INCAE Business School inaugurated its Rector Gallery named after Dr. Cruz, at the Francisco de Sola Campus in Montefresco, Nicaragua, in an event attended by 60 people, including four former rectors of INCAE.

The Rectoral Gallery was a project led with much affection by Dr. Cruz himself, something he began several years ago. "On INCAE's tenth anniversary in 1974, the Board decided to create a gallery with portraits of former Rectors and Chairs. At that time we asked Don Chico de Sola

to posed for a famous Salvadoran painter who painted the portrait currently shown at the Boardroom. With that portrait the Gallery of Chairs began", said Dr. Cruz.

Later on, Dr. Cruz engaged in contacting former rectors so that the talented Nicaraguan painter Mauricio Rizo, could make their portraits to have a Rectoral Gallery like the great American business schools.

During his speech, Enrique Bolaños recognized the work and leadership of each of the eight former rectors of INCAE: Clark Wilson (1967-1968), Ernesto Cruz (1968-1980), Harry W. Strachan (1981), Marc Lindenberg (1982-1987), Melvyn Copen (1987-1991), Brizio Biondi- Morra (1991-1999), Roberto Artavia (1999-2007) and Arturo Condo (2007-2015). Thanks to their vision INCAE is today a benchmark both for the quality of its masters programs and for being a think tank impacting the region.

"Dr. Ernesto Cruz was the first Latin American Rector, first graduate of Harvard, the only one with a 12-year tenure as Rector and who witnessed the birth of INCAE in Nicaragua", said Rector Bolaños. Then he added, "Dr. Cruz decided to invest in a full-time faculty with doctoral degrees, able to develop their own case studies in the region".

Speaking at the event, INCAE's Seventh Rector and current Chair Roberto Artavia said, "I realized Harvard actually came here to conduct its Top Management program. Had it not been for the tremendous work of the first Board of Directors headed by Francisco de Sola and Ernesto Cruz, the MBA Program would have never taken off the way it did and would not have been what it has been for Central America, a source of exceptional leaders who have had a lot to do with economic growth, increased social progress, and general welfare in the region".

As a side note to this information, Dr. Ernesto Cruz presented his book "INCAE, Los Años Formativos" last July 7 at the Annual Alumni Meeting held at INCAE's campus in Nicaragua. The book recounts INCAE's history from before its conception to the end of Dr. Cruz' tenure. The words in the Gallery's memorial plaque came from his book.

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