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Students from Fudan, Yale, Sauder, EGADE, and PUC took INCAE’s Sustainability course

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GLOBALNETThe Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Week was held last October 16th to 20th, bringing together 29 leading business schools from different countries around the world. It was aimed at improving the understanding of economic, social and environmental phenomena from a global perspective through academic exchange.

"Belonging to GNAM gives INCAE global positioning, particularly in relation to economic development and sustainability. Also, it contributes to our students' interaction with members of the network, both at INCAE and at programs offered globally", said GNAM Week Director at INCAE Víctor Umaña.

GNAM Week helps develop innovative initiatives making the most of each school's comparative advantage. It takes place twice a year with each school offering a course on its own specialty. GNAM Week gives students the opportunity to take intensive mini-courses at another school from the network and to improve that school's perspective, programs and knowledge through the input provided by foreign students. Activities includes class sessions, visits to companies, and dealing with local students and graduates to better understand the reality of the country where the school operates.

Accordingly, sixteen students from Yale, Fudan, Sauder, EGADE, and PUC arrived in campus Walter Kissling Gam to take the course "Doing Business in Latin America: The Competitiveness and Sustainability Challenge". The course was directed by Víctor Umaña, along with professors Lawrence Pratt, and Bernard Killian. Both students and faculty visited the Doka State coffee farm, the medical device firm Smith and Nephew, and the Alajuela Municipality.

Through class sessions and field visits students experienced first-hand an emerging country trying to escape the middle income trap. Emphasis was placed on Costa Rica's success and on challenges to improve income and to attain social progress.

In the same week 28 students from INCAE's Residential MBA visited EGADE in Mexico, ESM in Germany, IE in Spain, KOC in Turkey, NUS in Singapore, and UCD in Ireland, among other business schools.

For further information about network members and details about the Global Network for Advanced Management click here.

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