Talent Fair Offers INCAE MBA Candidates to the Region’s Labor Market

Friday, 03 June 2016 15:19


Executive Education

thumb feria talentoThe 2016 Professional Talent Fair held on February 22 and 23 on the campus of INCAE in Costa Rica brought together nearly 200 INCAE students dressed in formal attire at the Luis Poma Forum to meet representatives of Latin American and global companies recruiting there. The Professional Talent Fair, the largest recruitment event held by INCAE, is a job fair designed exclusively for INCAE MBA students which seeks not only to provide graduates with jobs but also to bring them into leadership positions at renowned companies.

The Fair gathered representatives of 67 business firms, 41 physically and 26 remotely, including companies such as Cargill, Amazon, Citi Share Services, BizCorp, Microsoft, Mastercard, McKinsey & Company, BAC Credomatic and L'Oreal, to offer jobs to INCAE's MBA candidates.

"The fair brought together companies across Latin America, from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia and other neighboring countries such as Peru and Ecuador, the latter virtually. All of them came looking for key talent for their organizations," said Vinnitsa Leytón, Associate Director of Career Services at INCAE, the department in charge of the event.

Companies arrived attracted by what INCAE graduates can contribute to their businesses, which not only highlights skills acquired in the classroom but also those resulting from their unique experience at INCAE and their previous experience. "We are recruiting INCAE graduates for their multicultural experience, business vision, and new ideas," said Kattia Venegas from Cargill. Milena Gamboa, from Citi Shared Services, said they felt attracted by INCAE graduates "experience, English proficiency, and academic development."

During the Fair talks dealing with how to properly investigate a business firm, what positions are available in companies, and how to find the right position were given. In the stands located in the Forum leadership positions in the banking, cosmetics, technology, and consumer products industries, among others, were offered. In addition, INCAE provided space on campus for companies to interview candidates in order to move forward in the recruitment process.

MBA candidates were very pleased with the Fair, which offered opportunities in fields such as marketing, finance, consulting, and innovation among others. "Opportunities at the Fair were quite competitive and varied," said Monica Morriberón, a Peruvian 2016 MBA candidate.

"This fair is transcendental as it gives us exposure at a key time to promote ourselves," said Luis Jiménez, a Costa Rican 2016 MBA candidate who is already in contact with several companies participating in the Talent Fair.

The Professional Talent Fair is an annual event held near the end of the MBA Program for second-year MBA students. Even though the final results of the recruitment process will not be known until later, INCAE was pleased with the results of this event.

Similar events include a number of mini-fairs scheduled for May, June, and July in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Peru. For further information please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it