CCWL | Center for Collaborative and Women’s Leadership


INCAE Business School is a pioneer in Latin America with a Center dedicated to the issues of collaborative leadership and gender diversity.

The gender leadership problem in Latin America is vast. Even though women in the region largely have an equal or higher education level than men and represent 50% of the labor force and an increasing number of University graduates, women only represent 15% of the members in Boards of Directors and Executive Teams, and they manage only 1.8% of firms.

This is despite the fact that research based on public data from Fortune 500 firms shows that companies with a higher representation of women on executive teams is correlated with a 35% higher return on equity (ROE). Furthermore, literature demonstrates that gender diversity positively impacts country level GDP and competitiveness.

INCAE's Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership (CCWL) is an extension of INCAE's institutional belief that greater gender diversity in leadership has a positive impact on the progress of Latin America and the region's ability to develop a larger middle class to compete in the global economy.

CCWL Approach

The CCWL has developed a successful three-pronged approach to address this regional problem, all of which are open to best practice international sharing:

  1. Research
    • Conduct research on gender diversity and leadership in the Latin American context

  2. Leadership Development
    • Develop training and awareness programs that promote collaborative leadership among INCAE´s MBA and Executive Education participants as well as INCAE´s faculty and personnel.
    • Develop executives from private and public organizations in collaborative leadership competencies.
    • Mentor and coach women on how to identify and overcome barriers to their advancement in order to seek out and reach or strengthen positions of leadership.

  3. Community Impact
    • Convene forums and networking events that bring together key stakeholders to dialogue and develop strategies to increase women's participation in leadership positions in Latin America, both in the private sector as in the public arena.

Current Projects

INCAE's CCWL is currently seeking support for the following projects:

  1. Collaborative Leadership Speaker Series for our MBA and Global EMBA Program.
  2. Development of research projects in Neuroscience based tools to develop Collaborative Leadership.
  3. Annual survey and report on Gender Diversity in Latin America.
  4. Development of the Annual Networking Event: Euro-American Leadership Conference of Women Leaders, date June 7, 2019. Collaborative leadership as key to organizational success.




Women's Entrepreneurship Program - WEP 26 November, 2018. USA

Women's Executive Leadership Program - WELP 26 November, 2018. USA