Enrique Bolaños

Enrique Bolaños

Enrique Bolaños is the current rector of INCAE, following a distinguished career in international business. He is the first non-academic rector in the history of the institution and the second Nicaraguan rector.

Enrique joined INCAE in 2012 as Executive Vice-president to lead the institution's organizational and financial transformation. In two years he put together an excellent executive team, who helped him to increase financial sustainability of the institution, as well as to initiate other important projects.

Currently, as well as leading INCAE, he collaborates with the Enrique Bolaños Foundation, an initiative started by his father who was President of Nicaragua until 2007. The aim of the foundation is the creation and maintenance of a virtual library open to the public, which holds the largest archive of documents on Nicaraguan history and politics. At the same time, Enrique is a board member of FUNIDES, the Nicaraguan foundation for social and economic development.




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Women's Executive Leadership Program - WELP 26 November, 2018. USA