Joanne Shawcross

Married to a Spaniard from Mallorca and mother of a son, Joanne is British by birth but has lived outside the UK more than half of her life. She has worked in Spain, Latin America, USA, Portugal, Greece, and Gambia together with other professionals in a large number of fields including education in public administration, international tourism, personal and professional image consulting, and sustainable development. She has devoted 14 years of her life to the AVINA Foundation, a leading organization engaged in sustainable development in Latin America.

Joanne is the founder and director of the 360-Branding, the only organization in Spain and Latin America licensed to offer action-based, latest- generation training programs using the revolutionary Reach Personal Branding process developed by the greatest expert on personal branding worldwide, William Arruda.

These programs have generated tangible and verifiable results for many clients, including renowned multinational and academic institutions such as Adobe, American Express, Cisco, ElectronicArts, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, StarwoodHotels, Time Warner, JP Morgan, Wharton, NYU, Thunderbird, and Harvard, among others.