Research & Publishing

Our team of experts in social and political sciences, economics, and business works to conduct and disseminate research relevant to our mission. We also have an extensive network of senior managers who are members of our Advisory Board, our Boards of Directors, and of companies actively involved with us at the INCAE diversity project..

Completed and Ongoing Research Projects include

  • Gender Diversity: a comparison of gender diversity programs in regional and multinational companies. The implications for organizations desiring to attain competitive advantage.

  • Fortune 500: gender differences in attitudes towards women in leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies in Latin America. Scope for HR managers who wish to promote women.

  • Banking Sector: the feminization of the banking sector in Latin America and its impact on bank performance: Why are women reaching the top in the banking sector and how does this affect the banks' final performance?.

  • High School: career goals and aspirations in a population with a probability sample of young women in age to attend high school in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Implications for education curriculum design related to women empowerment.

  • Leadership Perception: gender differences in the perception of leadership skills in a sample of MBA students in Latin America. Implications of gender differences in career development.

  • Career Progress: cognitive and personality predictor on starting salary and professional development in a multi-cultural sample of MBA students: who advances in Latin America and why?