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Brenthurst Foundation members visited INCAE Business School

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brenthurstLast November 15th a number of entrepreneurs, experts, and dignitaries from different countries interested in Africa visited INCAE's Campus Walter Kissling Gam in Alajuela to attend the Brenthurst Foundation board meeting. Brenthurst is a South African foundation devoted to promoting better public policy in that continent.

Attendees included former presidents Kgalema Mothlante (South Africa) and Olusegun Obasanjo (Nigeria), as well as Jonathan Oppenheimer (South Africa), Barry Desker (Singapore) and Jeff Herbst (USA), among others. In addition to the board meeting an event was held to allow the INCAE community to meet them.

INCAE Dean Dr. Alberto Trejos, who is a member of Brenthurst Advisory Board, said, "I have supported Brenthurst work for years. I have presented Costa Rica as a role model throughout Africa and I have stressed many relevant lessons to be learned from Latin America". Then he added, "Brenthurst board members are influential opinion leaders globally, and some of them could cite our experience.

In my opinion, businesspeople among them might have investment interests in Latin America".

Following the board meeting a discussion was held about the book Making Africa Work by Dr. Greg Mills, President Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr. Jeffrey Herbst, and Major General (Rtd) Dickie Davis and published last May. The book provides a more entrepreneurial, practical view of Africa's sustainable development needs. The discussion was instrumental in allowing INCAE MBA students to familiarize themselves with decision making and reality in other areas of the world.

Making Africa Work addresses some of the major challenges to be faced by the next generation, including the anticipated doubling of sub-Saharan Africa's population, the rural-to-urban shift, and the impact of a young demographic group with improved digital access through telephones and Internet. The driving force behind the book is the authors' shared belief that planning for these challenges can be a positive force for change. A lack of action in this regard may prove disastrous.

About the Brenthurst Foundation:

The Brenthurst Foundation is at the frontier of new ideas and innovative actions to strengthen Africa's economic performance. Working at the invitation of African governments since 2004, its team is constantly engaged with a diverse range of experts, policy specialists, and senior government officials with activities focused across three main areas: private events, policy advice, and thought leadership.

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